At ED&F Man Liquid Products Ireland, commitment to quality is key to our business.  From the source to the final destination, the entire  process is handled using an integrated Business Management System addressing not only feed but also food, fermentation and agglomeration industry requirements.

Working to ISO 9001 standards and fully compliant to all applicable legal and industry standards (FEMAS), this system ensures that product quality is controlled in the entire chain, and product safety is regularly verified at different stages of the process.  It goes without saying that customer requirements are also addressed.

Key elements

Key elements of Product Safety Management System:

Supplier Evaluation: Suppliers in origin countries as well as in Europe are visited, audited and evaluated.  All suppliers are rated on their performance, ensuring only the best performing suppliers are used.

Hygiene Management: Strict hygiene inspections and checks are part of our processes during storage, handling, sea and road transport.

Product Safety Analysis: We use independent accredited laboratories, together with rapid NIR analysis, perform safety analysis and product quality tests on all materials we use to ensure no undesirable substances are present.

Traceability: All products we deliver to our customers are fully traceable.

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Industry standards

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