What we do

ED&F Man Liquid Products offer a range of cane molasses based liquid products designed to suit a wide range of feeding systems and types of livestock.

Farm products are available in volumes of 10mt to 29mt delivered on farm using specialist vehicles. Using modern blending technology, ED&F Man Liquid Products are able to combine molasses with other liquid co-products to increase sugar levels, enhance energy and protein levels and improved handling. The result is a choice of liquid feeds offering the ideal combination of sugars, energy, protein, flowability and price for any situation.

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Molasses Tank
Sheep feeding


Molasses based liquid feeds provide a number of benefits to all classes of livestock.

Reasons to feed a molasses liquid:

  • Maximises milk production
  • Helps to optimise forage quality
  • Year round availability and product flexibility
  • Increases dry matter intakes
  • Increases sugar content in your feed
  • Improves palatability
  • Cost effective source of protein
  • Reduces ration sorting
  • Allows the use of alternative forages
  • Saves money compared to expensive concentrates

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Dublin Tank Farm

Built in 2006, the ED&F Man Liquid Products Ireland tank farm is a purpose built bulk liquid storage and blending facility. Specialising in the manufacturing of blended liquids using either in-line blending or tank batch blending facilities.

The tank farm is a bulk liquid storage facility offering 3rd Party liquid storage for numerous 3rd Party customers.

  • Berth: Vessels drawing up to 10.2 Meters can enter the port at high water of normal tides.
  • Located in the heart of Dublin City, at the hub of the national road network, Dublin Port is a key strategic access point for Ireland. The Terminal has great transport links to the Irish road network using Dublin Port tunnel linking to the M50 and onwards.
  • Blending system: Our state of the art blending facility allows a variety of formulations to be blended from our tanks on demand matching our customers specific needs and requirements, guaranteeing quality and consistency.
  • Tank Farm capacity = 22,564 M3
  • Tanks: 12 mixtures of stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. Ranging from 137m3 to 5000m3.
  • Weighbridge: 1
  • Pipelines: 2 pipe lines. Direct access to quay for shipping activities.
  • Available for shipping 365 days per year.
  • Available tank for 3rd party storage. (On request)
  • Accreditations /Certifications: ISO 9001:2008. FEMAS
Dublin Tank Farm
Dublin Terminal
Pump room Dunlin Terminal


Our role as a sustainable business

We provide our customers with safe and quality products that are responsibly sourced, allowing our clients to achieve their economic and social objectives, while contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.

By default, our core process is highly sustainable. We are proud to say that 98% of our raw materials sourced are co-products, refinement by-products and production residues from sugar producers which we turn into nutritious value-added animal liquid feed products. While doing so we aim to grow the quantity of sustainably certified products we trade and meet the increasing demand for sustainably sourced products.

Responsible Sourcing

Since many years we source our ingredients responsibly. Our suppliers of ingredients in all origins have signed up to our Supplier Code of Conduct, a requirement for (continued) supplier acceptance, confirming they comply with rules and standards on business ethics, child labour, forced labour, human rights, working conditions, health & safety, migrant workers and the environment.

On-Farm Sustainability

Our sophisticated blends to match customer’s needs have proven to be beneficial to animal health and growth, increase meat and milk yields and improve fertility and breeding results. In addition, cane molasses and molasses based liquid feeds improves on-farm sustainability through various effects, such as reducing feed wastage, reducing sorting, driving intakes, improving protein efficiency and increasing fibre digestibility.

Molasses based liquid feeds offer a sustainable feed option on farm as it is a by-product of another industry and has a low carbon and water footprint. The utilisation of by-products that are not used for human consumption contributes to the “circular economy”, in that value is created from potential by-products that otherwise would be discarded which are now circulated back as a nutritional source for humans i.e., meat and milk. As more farmers are urged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is important to understand the impact of individual feed ingredients on farm and not just the manufacturing impact.

Bonsucro: www.bonsucro.com

Bonsucro is the leading global non-profit multi-stakeholder sustainability platform and standard for sugarcane, one of the world’s most important crops. Its purpose is to collectively accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugarcane, including cane molasses. Bonsucro convenes over 280 members from more than 50 countries to address critical challenges in the sugarcane sector and drive both performance and impact through our system of sustainability standards.

As founding member ED&F Man was involved from the beginning, and remains committed to grow our sustainable supply chains, and the distribution of certified sustainable molasses. In doing so, contributing to the earth agenda via the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ED&F Man Liquid Products Ireland also is Bonsucro certified and can offer blends with cane molasses certified under this Bonsucro scheme. No matter which part of the supply chain you’re interested in, no matter the size or nature of our business with you, if you want to take the next step and want to invest in sustainable molasses, or want to make a sustainability claim on your product to your customers, we can help you achieve this.

Giving back to comunities in origin

When our clients buy our Bonsucro certified cane molasses – either as a product or as part of a blend – they help to make a positive impact in the origin communities. Started in 2019 our MAS Program (MAS meaning ‘more’ in Spanish) ties together quality assurance, responsible sourcing and community impact. Unique in its kind, our MAS Program executes philanthropic projects in the origins from where we source our cane molasses, where funding of these projects is taken from our margins on sales of sustainably sourced cane molasses. In its conception year the MAS Program was runner-up in the 2020 Bonsucro Inspire Awards, was shortlisted for the 2020 SEDEX Responsible Business Award, and was nominated for the 2021 World Sustainability Awards in two categories.

Responsible Liquid Feed Production

As a responsible business our aim is to use our scarce natural resources responsibly and to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. Our terminal in Dublin operates a highly efficient automated liquid feed blending system, ensuring our liquid feeds are produced in the most efficient way, using the least amount of energy. In 2021 our Dublin terminal switched to 100% green renewable electricity, cutting the carbon emissions of our operations by 30%, and fully eliminating the Scope-2 emissions from our operations. Activities are ongoing to reduce our Scope-1 emissions of fuels in line with ED&F Man Group ambition and objectives in reaching carbon-neutrality.

Quality & Feed Safety

As a feed business operator our main social responsibility is to place on the market safe liquid feeds of agreed quality, each time, and on time. We operate a HACCP-based quality management system that is certified under ISO9001-2015 and the leading FEMAS scheme (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme). Working to these standards our operation is fully compliant to all applicable legal and industry standards, where our quality management system addresses and verifies product quality and feed safety issues up the supply chain and to our customers. Our automated blending system ensures all liquid feeds produced meet customer specification and the exact formulations. Independent accredited laboratories, together with our own rapid NIR analysis, are used to ensure that our blends are safe, and are manufactured to tight nutritional constraints.