Introducing sugar plus

Recently, we introduced three new products to the ED&F Man range of liquid feeds. SugarPlus 70, SugarPlus 68 and SugarPlus 66 contain higher sugar levels than our standard molasses blends. By combining two forms of sugars, namely sucrose and lactose, we have created a more energy-dense liquid feed. These products confer a range of nutritional benefits which improve animal performance.

For maximum performance, good herd health and fertility, cows need a diet geared to maximising the population of rumen microbes. So it’s essential to provide a ration which is balanced to provide a supply of sugars, starch, fibre and protein. The key to fuelling a rapid increase in rumen microbe numbers is the supply of energy in the form of quickly degradable carbohydrates, i.e. soluble sugars. Digestion of these sugars stimulates the rumen fermentation process, whereas starch and fibre components have slower rates of digestion.

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