Make quality silage with molasses

Grass silage typically represents at least 50% of Winter rations. It is therefore important to make the highest quality silage possible. There are many silage additives available, some based on pH control, others on microbial inoculants. 
The use of molasses as an additive provides both nutritional content and a source of readily fermentable sugars to stimulate and promote the ensiling process.

The trial detailed overleaf examined the effect of adding molasses to grass when being ensiled. The results showed that the use of molasses improved silage quality. Silage DM (dry matter) increased by 0.75% and DMD (dry matter digestibility) by 2.3%. When these increases are valued, the use of molasses as a silage additive was shown to have a cost benefit of 390% for dairy cows, 170% for weanling cattle and 104% for finishing cattle. Apart from increases in DM and DMD, palatability also increases and this stimulates intake which further enhances performance.

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